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Complete Car Wash Product Guide
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Increase Your Car Wash Performance with CSI Chemicals and Supplies

With CSI cleaning and protection products,customers notice a difference. CSI stands behind that claim with our 60-day Professional Product Satisfaction Guarantee, which appears on every container we ship. A strict set of guidelines govern the production process so that CSI products are consistent every time.

The car wash industry measures product value on a cost-per-car basis. CSI products have always been formulated at the highest possible concentrations by using the maximum amount of active ingredients and the least amount of water while still maintaining a stable product. By developing concentrated products, we also help you save on money and container cost.

We carry the full line of FragramaticsTMline of products which will expand your profit potential.

Build Traffic with Fragramatics Soap, Chemicals and Fragrances. All of our liquid products: Dri-foaming shampoo, spot remover (which we introduced to the industry) and our 25 premium fragrances are specifically formulated to work best in Fragramatics carwash equipment.

Now with the same quality, we have introduced Fragramaitcs Carpet Protectant, another Fragramatics first. This advanced polymer product repels stains, dirt and grime. We also make oour own spray scent concentrate made for manual application detail shops, carwashes and other uses.

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